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Client Focused, Effectively Managed, Professionally Delivered.
GSP Interchange 142


Working in partnership with many of the major heavy construction contractors, erectors and fabricators in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the country, EIC has extensive experience in the development of plans and procedures to get projects built. Using both time honored and innovative materials and processes, EIC's designs are practical, effective & efficient to get the project built safely, quickly and at minimal cost. EIC's contractor support services include:


  • Sheeting & excavation support

  • Retaining and MSE walls for staged construction

  • Cofferdam design

  • Shielding and utility protection/support

  • Development of structure demolition procedures and plans

  • Erection planning and procedures and development of detailed erection plans

  • Heavy lift analysis and planning

  • Material handling, lifting and maneuvering

  • Jacking, shoring & temporary support of structures

  • Complete structure roll-In/roll-Out

  • Temporary bridge, causeway and trestle design

  • Rail and highway transportation plans of girders and oversize materials

  • Value Engineering of bridge, structure and roadway designs

  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic plans

  • Construction staging

  • Highway and drainage design

  • Earthwork analysis and grading design

  • Construction layout



Our key personnel have over 75 years of combined experience in the design, inspection, evaluation and rating of bridges, with a particular concentration working with historic structures. Our bridge project capabilities include:


  • Hands on, in-depth inspection and rating of bridge structures, including trusses and fracture critical details

  • Identification of deficiencies and development of rehabilitation plans and details

  • Structural analysis and computer modeling of global structures and/or critical elements

  • Development and evaluation of alternatives, including cost estimates, constructability, and feasibility

  • Design of new structures, including steel and concrete superstructures and various foundation systems

Long X Bridge


Our Civil Engineering services, utilized by property and business owners, other design professionals, and agencies, include:


  • Commercial and residential site plans

  • Governmental review & approval process

  • Utility & drainage design

  • Yard design, including swimming pools, retaining walls and appurtenances

  • Subdivision layout & improvements

  • Roadway planning and design



Our licensed Land Surveyor and full time survey crew provide a variety of Land Surveying services to contractors, property owners and government agencies, including:


  • Construction layout

  • Detailed structure survey & monitoring

  • Boundary (property line) surveys

  • Topographic & location surveys

  • Hydrographic surveys

  • Property subdivisions & reverse subdivisions




Through our affiliated company, EIC General Contractors, EIC provides design and construction services for the residential and small commercial market. Projects include:


  • Kitchen and bath renovations

  • Additions and add-a-level improvements

  • Remodeling and renovations

  • Decks and accessory structures

  • Structural repairs

  • Commercial and retail leasehold fit-up

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