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With an average of over 120 new projects each year, many with multiple tasks, EIC Group has completed over 2,500 assignments, from backyard retaining walls to major bridge designs. Below are some of the projects we have worked on recently.
Roxbury, Morris County, NJ


The bid plans for this project proposed replacement of the two Route 80 bridges in a total of seven stages, beginning with partial demolition of the westbound bridge to accommodate a temporary bridge in the median to maintain traffic. Each bridge was then to be constructed in two stages. Ferreira Construction wanted to streamline construction staging and retained EIC to develop new staging plans. EIC was able to devise an alignment for the temporary bridge which eliminated the partial demolition, and by utilizing a median crossover lane in conjunction with the temporary span, permitted construction of each new structure in a single stage while still maintaining three lanes in each direction, eliminating three stages and expediting the project.  EIC also developed temporary sheeting, temporary bridge foundation, structure demolition and new girder erection designs for this project.

Route 80 Aerial.JPG
Wittpenn Bridge, Kearny & Jersey City, NJ
Kearny and Jersey City, NJ


Working with Conti Enterprises on Contract 1, and Structural Services and Union Paving on Contract 2, EIC provided a variety of contract support services for this $500 million replacement of a vertical lift bridge over the Hackensack River. Services included preparation of erection plans for the east approach, and heavy lift and handling design for the substructure caissons and reinforcing cages. In addition, EIC designed a variety of specialized jigs and structures to facilitate the waterborne construction of the bridge substructures. 

Middlesex, Mercer & Burlington Counties, NJ


EIC provided construction support engineering services for a number of prime contractors and subcontractors on this 25 mile long, $2.5 billion widening project on the New Jersey Turnpike. Services provided included temporary structure support, lift analysis and design, sheeting design, shielding design, and structure erection and demolition plans. In total, EIC provided services on 14 of the 23 construction contracts and prepared erection plans for over 80 structures, a significant majority of all of the bridges in the project.

NJ Turnpike Widening
Sorlie Memorial Bridge
Grand Forks, North Dakota and E. Grand Forks, Minnesota


Working as a subconsultant to KLJ for the North Dakota and Minnesota Departments of Transportation, EIC performed an in depth inspection and rating of this two span, 570' long Parker truss bridge. EIC's findings and analysis permitted the states to save and rehabilitate this historic structure rather than replace it as originally planned, saving over $20 million and preserving the unique span for future generations. Other services EIC provided included detailed analysis of critical gusset plates, evaluation of the feasibility of raising the bridge to avoid flooding issues, and preparation of a preliminary design for a steel framed replacement structure.

Manhattan and Bronx, New York


PDM Bridge needed to ship the 12 ft wide box girders for this bridge, some of which ranged up to 115 ft long and weighed over 100 tons, from their fabrication plant in Wisconsin to the project site in New York City. EIC developed an innovative method of shipping them by rail on edge, along with a handling jig and procedure to facilitate rolling them to and from the rotated position for shipping. In addition to the design of the railcar cradles and holddowns in compliance with railroad Open Top Loading Rules, EIC inspected the girders upon their arrival in the Jersey City railyard, and supervised their unloading and rolling to horizontal. 

Willis Avenue Bridge, New York, NY
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