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Started in July, 2004 by two licensed engineers and a licensed land surveyor with a combined total of over 60 years of experience with ENR top 500 engineering firms, EIC Group LLC provides a variety of services aimed at the heavy highway industry, government, commercial and residential markets.
With an in-house staff which hovers around a dozen people, and partnering arrangements with other small engineering firms, EIC has the capability to handle large design and construction engineering assignments, while maintaining the agility and economy of a small firm. All of our staff, from principals to technicians, are accessible and flexible, providing our clients with responsive, economical services.
Michael H. Marks, PE
Lead Structural Engineer

Michael is a founding partner of EIC and oversees structural engineering efforts provided by the firm.  After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Civil Engineering, Michael continued his studies and obtained a Master's in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with concentrations in Bridge and Construction Engineering.  His research focused on detecting defects in steel bridges by remote sensing.  Mike holds Professional Engineering licenses in eleven states.


With over thirty-five years of experience working with a variety of structural materials, Mike is known for his ability to develop economical and efficient structural systems which ideally suit the project at hand.  His extensive experience working hand-in-hand with contractors in the design of erection plans, cofferdams, bridge roll-ins, jacking, shielding and ground anchors has given him unique insight into the construction process and efficient constructability is a key component of all of his designs.  His experience also includes developing structural designs for new steel and concrete bridges, existing bridge rehabilitation and value engineering.  Michael is also experienced in performing specialty steel analysis and design, including deep I-girders, tub girders, truss analysis/design, fatigue crack investigation and retrofit development, and forensic failure analysis.


Before co-founding EIC Group in 2004, he was Director of Structural Engineering for an ENR 500 Bridge Design firm.

James M. Gow, PLS

One of the three founding partners in the firm, Jim has over thirty-five years of surveying experience in a wide variety of tasks, including boundary, topographic and hydrographic surveys, as well as layout of projects ranging from bridges and miles of highways to small buildings and additions.  Jim is also an experienced construction inspector, having provided construction inspection services on a variety of projects for both State and Local governments.


Jim also oversees the field operations of our related company, EIC General Contractors, which provides construction services for the residential and small commercial market.

David S. Newkirk, PE
Lead Civil Engineer

In over forty years of engineering experience, Dave has managed the design of a wide variety of civil engineering projects, ranging from miles of roadways and large industrial and institutional site plan designs, to residential developments and single family lot development plans.  He is knowledgeable in the land use regulation, stormwater management, and permitting processes, and frequently appears before land use Boards throughout EIC's service area to testify on the firm's designs.


Dave also handles structural projects with complex geometrical or unusual member utilization components. He has designed a variety of unique and innovative jigs and processes to streamline and expedite construction operations for EIC's heavy-highway contractor clients, and is experieced in the design of rigging and processes for heavy lifting and maneuvering of heavy project components.


Dave earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.  He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New jersey


A founding partner in the firm, Dave also has primary responsibility for the business administration and management of the companies. Prior to co-founding EIC, he served as the Director of Site Engineering and the Director of Information Technology for an ENR 500 Engineering firm.

Anthony Drozdowski, PE
Project Manager

Anthony has over twenty-five years of construction engineering experience and has worked with many highway and bridge contractors throughout the northeast.  Prior to joining EIC, he headed the construction engineering department of a major bridge engineering firm.

Anthony earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey.

Sean P. Kennedy, PE
Project Engineer

Sean has over fourteen years’ experience and works with many highway and bridge contractors throughout the Northeast.  Sean received his bachelor of science in Civil Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2009 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of New Jersey and New York. 


Relevant projects Sean has worked on include the Rehabilitation of the Sorlie Memorial Bridge over the Red River,  George Washington Bridge Replacement of PIP Helix and Rehabilitation of Upper Level Spans over New Jersey Anchorage and Hudson Terrace, and NYCTA Station Renewal of Avenue X, Avenue U, Avenue P, Bay Parkway, Avenue I, 18th Avenue, Ditmas Avenue Stations and Component Repair of Kings Highway and Avenue N Stations Culver Line in the Borough of Brooklyn..

Zeus Wu, PE
Project Engineer

Zeus received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2011 from Lafayette College.  He has over twelve years of experience with EIC Group and received his Professional Engineer license in the state of New Jersey in 2016.


Zeus has designed numerous complex erection and demolition plans, as well as developed unique solutions for the means and methods of construction for contractors.  His experience also includes bridge and truss analyses, designing temporary shoring, jacking, bridge roll-ins, sheet pile and soil anchor construction plans.


Some of the major projects Zeus has worked on include: NJTPA Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program; Contracts 1 and 2 of the NJDOT Route 7 Hackensack River Wittpenn Bridge River Piers & Pier Protection System and Bridge Approaches; MNDOT Rehabilitation of the Sorlie Memorial Bridge over the Red River, NYSDOT Beaverkill Covered bridge Rehabilitation in the town of Rockland, NY; and The Port Authority of NY & NJ Terminal A Redevelopment Program in Newark, NJ.


“Whatever the size of your next project, EIC Group has the experience and expertise to help you build it quicker and easier. Contact us today so we can start helping you to save time and money." 

Mike Marks, Principal, EIC Group LLC

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